Corro-Plus EF

The extra corrosion-resistant system, Quick-Lock Corro-Plus, satisfies the requirements of BA guideline 3.6 for swimming pool ceilings in the Netherlands (Z275 + 20μ organic coating on each side). It also more than satisfies the class C specifications stated in EN 13964, table 8. Based on individual project assessment, the system can also be used in class D situations*.

Corrosion tests have shown that the system is suitable for use in C4 environments according to EN 12994-2. In addition, the system has been tested for resistance to environments where there are chloride concentrations. The degree of corrosion resistance depends on the local conditions.

The suitability and anticipated lifespan should be assessed by a professional. Based on regulations, periodic inspection may be required in order to identify possible degradation in good time. It is recommended after installation that the connection details and cut edges of the fitted profiles are treated with spray paint. The profiles should always be cut and not sawn.

The system can be identified by the Corro-Plus EF logo on the profiles. Extra corrosion-resistant suspension fittings in C3 and C5 quality (EN12944) are available and can be chosen in accordance with the application requirements.

The Corro-PLus EF coating features a higher gloss finish compared to the standard coating used for the Quick-Lock profiles and the previous Corro-Plus system. We therefore advise you not to mix the system.