Modular ceilings and suspension systems

Suspended ceilings

In places where access is needed to the space above the suspended ceiling modular suspended ceiling systems are often chosen. Today a wide range of materials and designs are available. The traditional visible system is only one of the many possibilities. Typical for most systems are the modular dimensions, multiples of 30cm in most cases 60 cm .

There are suspension systems suited for a variety of panels allowing to create ceilings with specific appearances and properties. There are panels available with specific properties as for example sound absorption, sound insulation or impact resistance made out of a variety of materials as mineral wool, gypsum, wood, metal or wood-based materials each having their specific appearances.


Suspension systems

In line with the chosen ceiling panel the appropriate suspension system has to be chosen.

It has to be suited for the load, should have sufficient stability and dimensional accurate. A system for concealed installation for example has to be more stable and needs to be more accurate than a system for lay-in panels
When a suspension system is selected and designed attention should be paid to both system and suspension load bearing capacity. Sufficient safety needs to be guaranteed.

Depending the type of application it may be necessary to select a system with specific properties as for example additional corrosion protection or impact resistance.