Saint-Gobain API Quick-Lock® and environment

Saint-Gobain API thinks it is important to contribute to a sustainable and healthy environment. This means that API is paying attention to the complete lifecycle of its products from raw material up to recycling of the finished products.

Sustainability is becoming more and more important when selecting construction materials, products and systems. In many cases a detailed insight in the total impact of selected products is being required nowadays.

An LCA has been made for all the Quick-Lock® systems based on the requirements for the local market in the Netherlands. By doing so in 2015 Saint-Gobain API was the first to have an analysis done for  this type of products in the Netherlands.

The analysis was done for both fully suspended ceilings as free-hanging ceiling elements.

Steel can be recycled 100% and practically endless.  As it is a valuable material the recycling process is also money driven. There is a benefit in collecting and returning the material on building sites. In practice this is being done on most construction sites.

The materials that are being used in the production of Saint-Gobain API contain a maximal share of recycled steel.